Mt. Fuji climbing with my high school teacher

2018年8月21日 | 富士登山(5合目より上)

I guided my high school teacher and his current students at Mount Fuji.
They belong to Wadaiko (Japanese drum) club and they made top 2 in national competition last week.
All of them reached at 9th station on Day 1 and successfully reached the peak next day!
Descend down from Oosunabashiri (Sandy cushion trail)
Wonderful umbrella cloud speared when we reached to the peak of Mt. Hoei.
It was so impressed to see their friendship and team work. They encouraged each other and never gave up. It is the reason why they can compete national level for years.
It was my wonderful experience to guide my high school student and a teacher I respect. I appreciate to offered me to have such a wonderful experience.

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