The best program to know about Buddhism culture.

2015年7月26日 | cultural-experience 未分類


I want to provide opportunity to know about Japanese culuture for people visiting Japan. We offer a program to know part of Japanease culture.

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Fujiyama Experience IRORI and  "Hongenji" a local temple in Fujinomiya to show some of Japanease culture for international tourists. Mr. Vinz and Ms. Gabriella join a tour "3 waterfalls and local cultural experieince".



After introducing each other, we enter inside of temple. The buddhism priest teach us Buddhism way of praying, how to behave inside of temple and read "Okyou" for the bisitor's happiness.



Then, they are transfered to other room for tea time. The priest is also a trainer of "Sencha", Japanese tradittional tea ceremony.



Mr. Vinz and Ms. Gabriella looked a little nurvous.

We make free conversation for 20 minutes with having tea together. It was great conversation among them. Please feel free to ask any questions. I can interpret in between.


このプログラムは "3 waterfalls and Japanease cultural Experience”の中で提供しています。”素敵な出会い”と”文化の学び”を含んだとても素敵なプログラムとなっています。

Take aphoto in the end. It was a great moment.

This program is included in "3 waterfalls and Japanease cultural Experience". It is a good program to interact with local people and knowing Japanese culture.

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