Regarding trekking tour


Regarding trekking tour

Q1 When can we climb Mt. Fuji?

The Mt. Fuji trail is open for public early July to middle of September. Fujinomiya Trail is open between July 10 and September 10, and Fujiyoshida trail is open between July 1 and September 10 in 2015.

Q2 How can we get to Mt. Fuji 5th station?

Bus from JR Fujinomiya or JR Shinkansen Shinfuji station is available from each area. There are a few car parks around 1000 meters point and shuttle bus is available to reach 5th station.

Q3 Hut is available during summer season?

Hut at Mt. Fuji is available around between July 10 and end of August. The opening and closure are different depending on hut owner.

Q4 What time we can see sunrise on the peak?

It is depending on the day you climb. It is about 4:15 early June and about 5:15 end of August. Please check specific time from tourist information or hut staff.

Q5 How big my baggage should be?

25 litter to 30 litters are enough for 1 night tour. Heavy baggage makes you tired early stage. Ask your guide if you feel your baggage is too big.

Q6 How much do I need to bring money?

Maybe 15000 is enough for 1 night trip. 7000 for accommodation, 3000 for food and water and 5000 for emergency.

Q7 Can we use mobile at Mt. Fuji?

Yes and No. You can receive strong signal around hut area. Some areas are not covered so that it is better not to rely on mobile communication in your party.

Q8 Do we need trekking pole?

I recommend you to bring trekking pole. It is useful not only climbing but also coming down. You can buy Kongodue (Japanese old fashion trekking pole) at 5th station.

Q9 How much water do I need to take for climbing Mt. Fuji?

1 litter is OK. You can buy water any hut.

Q10 Anybody can climb Mt.Fuji?

Yes. But if you do not have experience to climb mountains, I recommend you to climb with a guide.

Q11 Which trailhead do you recommend?

If it is your first time, I recommend you Fujinomiya trail or Fujiyoshida trail. Fujinomiya trail is the shortest and Fujiyoshida trail has many huts on the trail.

Q12 I am worry for mountain sickness?

Some people get mountain sickness very easy. You can carefully follow the following method. If you have sick or fever, it is advisable to pick alternative date.

Q13 What can I do if I get mountain sickness?

If you feel mountain sickness, take a break with deep breathe. If the condition does not get better, you need to go down and drop the altitude.

Q14 I am worry for my fitness level.

I advise you to have some training before challenging Mt. Fuji. Start by walking and slowly step up to jogging. If you have time, you can climb mountain nearby your house.

Q15 I do not have equipment for Mt. Fuji.

I recommend you to use rental shop for mountain gear. It costs you about 12,000 for basic set. We have a partnership with rental shop.

Q16 Do we need trekking shoes?

It is better to have trekking shoes, but not mandatory. It has possibility to get wet so bring your spear shoes for change.


Q1 Can you offer pickup and drop from our hotel or closest station?

Yes. We can pick you up and drop you off for free of charge.

Q2 Do you push through even bad weather?

We have possibility to cancel tour a day before or the day. We always make a phone call to the customer and inform the weather prospect for next day.

Q3. Do you charge cancellation fee?

Yes. For detail, please see ペイメントのキャンセルポリシーのアイコン