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Booking method

For booking, you can chose either internet or telephone. Regarding each booking method, please see guideline below. For the payment, please make confirmation of date and possible activity before making any payment.

Flow of internet booking

1. Selection of program and date

2. Fill application from and send operator
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3. Receive email from operator
confirmation of date

4. Receive confirmation form with payment details

5. Payment by credit card or bank transfer

Flow of telephone booking

Tel No:0544-57-8746 or Line:mickeyiwami or FB:Fujiyama Experience IRORI

We would like to confirm information below.
  • ・Name of tour you select
  • ・Date
  • ・Number of participant (Adult + Child)
  • ・Representative name

Payment Method

Please select either bank transfer or credit card

*In case the booking is a day before or 2 days before the tour, you can pay directly to the guide before tour starts.

Credit card

Please click the icon and follow the guideline. We send you online PAYPAL Invoice once we confirm our availability.

Paypal guideline

Bank transfer

Please see our bank information below. Please double check the account name before complete the transaction.

Bank Information
Bank Fujinomiya Shinkin Bank 富士宮信用金庫
Branch Higashimachi (003) 東町
The ordinary account 1136702
Name Masaki Iwami マサキ イワミ

Note:Please type date, person name, number of people EX)0701Jason5

Cancelation Policy

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Selected course
 『Mt. Fuji climbing tour1 night 2 days(2400m〜3776m)』 『Mt. Fuji day climbing tour(2400m〜3776m)』 『Mt. Fuji climbing tour -Ancient Murayama Kodo (500m〜2400m)』 『Hoei Crater Short Trekking Tour』 『Mt. Fuji decending tour - Hoei crater route』 『Mt. Hoei Climbing Tour』 『Aokigahara Forest & Ice Cave』 『Aokigahara Forest trekking』

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