The best course to join before living or traveling in Japan!

2015年12月9日 | information othercourse

I often heard that many international tourists found difficulty in communication in Japanese and interact with local people. It is a part of enjoyable part of traveling but they can enjoy better if they know how to handle situations.

Fujiyama Experience IRORI collaborated with A.C.C. International culuture college ( Japanese Language school in Fujinomiya) made a new course for international tourists who want to enjoy life in Japan. This 1 week course includes:

1. Japanese language class

A.C.C Japanese language short term course
2. Understanding in Japanese custom  (In English)

3. Exchange program with local students

4. Cultural experience class

5. Nature tour around Mt. Fuji


If you are thinking to travel or live in Japan, this course gives you all guideline how to enjoy life in Japan. For more details, please see A.C.C. International Culture College




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